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Life Long Learners

It's a web platform where teachers, anywhere, upload peer reviewed video lessons of different lengths, aimed at different standards and taught in different styles for students everywhere, whether in formal education or not, to watch them when and where they want.

Why do you want it?

It’s funny how the older you get the more you realise what a fascinating place the world is. For lots of people that realisation coincides with the time that you suddenly lose ready access to teachers who could explain things to you.

So what are your options?

You can watch a “Discovery” like edutainment programme and watch the glossy visuals behind a dramatized explanation repeated over and over again for an hour. Fine for some but you may want something slower and more basic or something with more detail. It is not tailored to what you want.

You can sign on for a physical or online course. Nothing wrong with that but it can be expensive and you may not want to commit the time and even if you do you may not get a teacher that inspires you.

You can get yourself a weighty textbook. It may suit you but it may be too heavy or too long and you may learn better by listening and watching than by reading.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get access to teachers who have recorded lessons on all sorts of subjects, in all sorts of styles, of all sorts of lengths and in different levels of detail all on a platform that helps you find the right teachers for you.

How does Big Hair Learning work?

Teachers and educational professionals anywhere can upload lessons.

It could be a teacher somewhere you would never normally have a chance to meet, a national award winner or shy teacher that for some reason really makes you understand it.

Teachers and educational professionals can review each other’s lessons.

There is already a lot of material floating around on the internet and you may well have already used some of it but how do you know it is not leading you up the garden path? Big Hair Learning runs a system where teachers are rewarded for giving useful reviews of each other’s videos. Teachers get paid to get ideas for their own teaching from watching each other’s work and you get confidence that someone who knows what they are talking about says the material is relevant and accurate.

Related Materials                                                                

Content on Big Hair Learning is not limited to video. Contributors can add useful links to other videos, other websites, podcasts, upload documents and give links to suggested books.

It’s free for anyone wanting to learn.

Big Hair Learning thinks that great teaching should be available for everyone for free so that is what we are doing. To support the costs and allow us to reward the teachers for their efforts we need to run ads alongside the videos as you would see on other video sites like YouTube. As we explain below we also hope that will allow us some revenue to give to charity as well.

Easy Search Interface

Nothing flash – just a familiar easy to use e-commerce like filter that makes it easy to sort the content by most anything you want – subject, level, contributor, rating, styles and keywords.

Learner ratings

Reviewing and rating is not just for other teachers. You get to review and see other leaners reviews. That way teachers get good feedback, we can use that information to understand what sort of teachers you like and you can use other people’s reviews to help work out what material you want to watch.

Recommended Material

Using information you give us about your educational background, what you are interested in, what you watch and what you rate we can suggest by using recommendation algorithms materials relevant to you by teachers that we think you are going to understand and enjoy watching. The more you watch and rate the better we can recommend great content for you.

Organise Yourself

You can quickly and easily queue content to watch, mark content as a favourite so you can go back to it and look back at what you have already have watched and use the same filters to search within each of those lists.

Do Some Good as You Learn

As we said above we support the running of the Big Hair Learning community through ads and affiliate sales. The more you watch and learn the more revenue there is, the more money there is to distribute to teachers encouraging them to produce more great content and we intend to keep some of the money aside so we can give it to charity so your hard work is helping good causes as well!