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Reviewing Content

This is for those who have the permission to review somebody else's content. Reviewing content is a versy simple process. You will be asked to comment and rate material uploaded by other users and on which you told us you are competent.


Review a Video

First of all to review a video you need to have the right permission (see registration). The "Review It" button can be found in the toolbox in the Video Player page at the bottom of the video player. Clicking on it will take you throught the review process which involves only one step and a final confirmation. Let's start by saying that the initial review is done with a star system and it require a visual score for the video overall, and then specifically for the Content and the Style. By hovering over the stars they become coloured and by clicking you give your vote (from 1 to 5 stars).

You can also give a title to your review and you can then go on writing a summary and a free format comment on the Content and the Style of the video. Please remember that reviews will show up with your username.

Then you are asked to convalidate core and peripheral tags (if any). This is very important as core and peripheral tags are shown using a traffic lights system through wich it should be very simple for users to quickly gauge whether a video is relevant to what they are looking for or not.

Tags come in the form of tick boxes and are ticked by default, in the review process you are asked to confirm that the video covers the topic described in the tags in either a core or a peripheral way. By leaving the tick, you are basically saying that you agree with the contributor of the video in judging that specific tag as core or as peripheral as the case may be. on the other hand, if you untick it you disagree on the relevance of the tag.

If a specific tag has received only ticks of approval, it will show in green in the video description, if it has been rejected by all reviewers, it will show in red. It will show in amber if there was a mix of approvals and rejections. Tags shown in grey means that they have not been reviewed by anyone yet.

You will also be asked to validate the level at which the video is aimed. In a system similar to the one used for validating tags, the level expressed by the contributor are shown in the form of tick boxes, which are ticked by default. By leaving the tick you agree with the accuracy of the difficulty, by removing the tick you disagree with the valuation

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