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Interacting with Content

You have found the video lesson you were looking for and you want to watch it and do stuff with it. How do you go about it?

We are here to show you how you can share it with your friends because you think it's cool, or to flag it because it's not so cool…

If you have gained the permission to review videos, we'll take you through the review process, whereas if you think you can only consume them, then we show you what other things you can in fact do such as view a review, validate information such as Content Tags and Style Tags that were input by the contributor of the video, rate a video and even access material related to it, and decide by looking at the various ratings whether you want to watch it or not... isn't that genius?

Watch a Video

To watch a video that's come up through a search, click on the video thumbnail and a video player page will open up with a decent size video player. On the right hand corner, next to the BHL icon, there is a button that will show it in full screen if you need it. Go to top

Share a Video

Sharing is caring. So we invite you to do it as often as posssible. Below the video player there is a toolbox which also includes some of the most common social icons. By clicking on those, for example facebook, you'll be able to post the video you are watching onto your facebook wall so all your friends can see it. Go to top

Flag a Video

If you think that you have found content that's offensive, inappropriate, factually wrong please tell us. Flag it by clicking the Flag it  button in the toolbox. We'll get an email straight away and we'll take the relevant action on both the video and on its author. We will not tell the relevant contributor that it was you who flagged him, but we do know it... Go to top

Review a Video

As a registered professional user we need you to review content so that other user can assess its quality before watching it. The way to review a video is very simple:

This will take you through the review process which, depending on how loquacious you are, could result in a lengthy process. But don't worry, you can be as thorough as you want as you can always save your work and finish it later. Until the review is published, no-one else can see it, so remember to go back to finish and publish to improve the quality of BHL.  Reviews can also be edited, in the same way a contributor can edit a video. So if you own a review and you want to add/change something after you have published it, then click on the edit button in the toolbox. Go to top

Access a Review

Reviews are accssible to anyone, even to non registered users. They appear in the "Reviews" tab in the BHL video player. Reviews are a way to understand the relevance and the quality of the content before watching it, allowing a user to save time, but remember that you can also open the "Reviews" tab while the video is playing for a more complete experience. Go to top

Validate Content and Style Tags

Reviewers are asked to validate content tags by deleting a tag, clicking on the X in front of it, if they belive that the content does not cover the relevant tag. Content tags are divided into two groups (core and peripheral) to allow a contributor to differentiate how the content covers different topics.

Style tags can be validated by logged-in users in the "Rate it" process. The way this is done is by choosing a maximum of 5 styles that a user thinks would correctly represent the style of the content. These are then shown in the "Basic Info" section with a counter next to each style tag indicating how many users chose that specific style tag. Go to top

Rate a Video

Logged-in users can rate videos by clicking on the "Rate it" button that can be found in the toolbox just below the BHL video player. The rating process is quite simple and it involves filling in a star rating system for the content and for the style and an overall one. Users are also asked to choose the appropriate tags that they believe best describe the style of the video and finally they are asked to express their opinion on the difficulty of the video. Go to top

Access Related Material

Related Material can be accessed under the relevant tab in the video player page. It includes attachments, books and podcasts related to the relevant video but also other video content stored in BHL. Go to top


Users and reviewers' ratings can be seen by anyone on BHL website. They are actually shown in different sections: in the video thumbnail, through the star rating system; in the "Basic Info" tab under the BHL video player and in both the "Professional Reviews" and "User Reviews" tabs where they can be seen in a more detailed way. Go to top