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Record content using a variety of devices

Big Hair Learning does not tie you in to any particular technology platform. Use your webcam, camera, phone or whatever else you want to use. Create a video. If you want to edit it use any program you want and the upload it to us in whatever format you want. We will take care of the rest.

Easy Upload process

Big Hair Learning believes that is the quality of the material in the video not the contributors flashy production values or IT skills that make something interesting so we have made the upload process simple and clean so anyone can use it.

Content can be in addressed to various levels

Unlike a class where you have students with a range of current abilities and you have to try and reach them all Big Hair Learning allows students to find material that fits their ability and preferences. This means you can be as specialised as you want. It will be perfect for somebody.

Chance to try different styles of teaching

A classroom, tutorial room or lecture hall can be a risky place to be too experimental. Big Hair Learning doesn't have that problem. If an experiment goes badly and reviewers and learners are confused by it or hate they will let you know. Remove it. You've learnt something. Do it again building on what you have learned.

Help out charity

We intend to give a proportion of any profit that Big Hair Learning makes away to charity so when you contribute, you will be giving something to learners everywhere, getting new insights into what teaching works and giving something back to good causes as well.

Get paid sharing revenues based on popularity

Big Hair Learning believes you should share in the success of the community so the business model reflects that. Contributors share in any surplus revenue after costs are taken out. The bigger your contribution the greater your share.


"Big Hair Learning will work best when we have lots of contributors uploading lots of videos so we want to get the word out there. We think you should be rewarded for helping Big Hair Learning grow and get better so we have a referral programme.
Recommend Big Hair Learning to a potential contributor through the site and if they sign up and contribute you will earn 5% of what they earn from Big Hair Learning over the next 2 years (subject to a maximum of £10,000)"

Free to end users

Big Hair Learning believes that wealth and cost should not be a barrier to being able to access great educational content. That is why we are not charging any subscription relying on ads and affiliates sales to support the platform.

Collaborate with other teachers

Don't want to just record yourself. Big Hair Learning allows you to collaborate with other contributors. Collaborate, discuss or debate on a subject or cross subject. Share a room and a camera or record Skype video calls. The possibilities are endless.

Record material for their own pupils

Use it to provide your students with extra materials in case they struggled with the classroom lesson

Record material for learners without a teacher as great as them

Use it to provide students across the country and world with access to quality teaching.

Record content to speak to help pupils parents

Record videos for parents of your students and others who are struggling to help with homework because it was "all different in my day".

Record material for revision for their own pupils

Exam time - record revision sessions, previous paper walk through and tips on exam technique to help your students and others get through their exams.


All contributors upload anonymously. Contributing to Big Hair Learning is about having the freedom to create and experiment and teach how you have only imagined teaching. It is not about the cachet of your institution, career progression or your CV.

Can act as Reviewer as well

We want learners to have confidence the content they are about to watch isn't leading them up the garden path. That’s why we want Contributors to review each others content. Reviewers get to learn what techniques other teachers are trying and whether and for whom they work and get paid for their time.

Ability to control level of feedback provided by other users

We think lots of feedback from learners helps contributors learn what works and what doesn't. We understand that not everyone will be comfortable with that so we allow contributors to determine whether to allow comments on a video and whether they want to see and approve comments before they are published.

Behaviour policy and ability to flag irrelevant or inappropriate content

Experimental ideas, edgy content, robust debate, and considered criticism - fine. Sales videos, adult content, abuse, bullying, trolling and flaming - not so much. We provide tools to mark content as offensive or inappropriate content and policies to make sure that Big Hair Learning provides a constructive place for Contributors and Learners to learn.

Ability to link external docs and other material to their content

Easy to add links, documents, recommended books and podcasts to your content so learners can easily see, read and listen to what you think they need to.

Ability to link related content to their videos - building courses

Easy to link other videos already on the Big Hair Learning Platform to your video. Build courses or recommend videos with contrasting views.

Ability to link contrasting or different views to their content

Social sharing

Ability to act as Learner

Just because you teach certain subjects doesn't mean that you are not interested in learning more about other subjects. Once you are registered as contributor you automatically have access to all of the same functionality that learners have so you can watch interesting videos on subjects you want to know about to your hearts content.