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About Big Hair Learning

Modern technology and research is changing the way we live, the way we work and there is little doubt it is going to increasingly change the way we the way we learn.

Big Hair Learning is a community designed so that everyone who participates wins.


Students get the most obvious benefits. The get access to peer reviewed material about what they want or need to understand, when and taught in a way that they enjoy. Their favourite teachers at their fingertips. For some students that will be a useful resource, for others an incremental improvement and for many in the world a resource that revolutionizes their learning.


Teachers get can get a lot out of contributing to Big Hair Learning but the bit we particularly like is that in a nutshell we are building a community where you are paid to practice and improve your own teaching with all the attendant confidence, satisfaction and enjoyment that that can give. Oh and rather than benefiting a few classes a year you can benefit thousands and thousands of students at a time who are listening to you because they enjoy it rather than because the timetable says you have to be there.

Us (most importantly)

We were hardened cynical veterans of 10 years in investment banking and law. Only slight problem is that our families would prefer we were slightly less hardened and cynical and a bit more fluffy. Big Hair Learning is something different, fun, enjoyable, good and rewarding and has the benefit of keeping us off the streets and out of the gutter which is nice.

The Guys at Big Hair Learning Ltd

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